Welcome to The Ultimate Novel List Website!


I started this website after looking at a number of other sites that explore the must-read books both classic and modern. Some of the books I’d heard of, others I had never heard of. Some I wanted to read, others I wouldn’t pick up if you paid me. (Okay, maybe if you paid me I would read them but I wouldn’t buy the book and read it for fun.)

But with all the lists of books that must be read out there I started to feel two sensations:


  1. The first was inadequacy because I love reading but I really haven’t read that many books  when you look at how many are out there.
  2. The second was a desire to make my own ultimate list of books that I want to or should read (to create a kind of a bucket list for readers).

And so my ultimate list of novels is born. Check out The List for all the books I want to read. When I have read the book the colour of the title will change to red. Then check out my Book Blog for a review of the book or if you hover over the title it will take you straight to the review. (If the title does not work the book may not yet have been reviewed.)

Check out The Challenge to see how many books you’ve read and challenge all your friends to do the same.

I hope you enjoy my interesting take on these great books!

If you have any comments about books I should add to my list or about my reviews, please feel free to make a comment in the comment box below.

Happy Reading!


P.S. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that the pictures of the books featured on each blog have always taken you to Amazon, when clicked on, where you can purchase the book. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible. All links to Amazon are in the process of being removed from his blog. Other features may become available at some stage but, for now, this blog is not affiliated with Amazon or any other company.