Hi there! My name is Laura.


I love books! All books any books and more importantly I love talking about the books I read. Whether I am frustrated by what an author or a character has done or I just have to talk about how thrilling a book is getting.



This is exactly why I started this blog: so I can read and talk about books.

I have an Honours degree in English literature as well as a degree in Communications and journalism. Being an English major, I learnt how to criticise the books I read but there was very little room to form my own opinions about books. Here I give my own opinion and I am brutally honest about the books I read. I am also a novice writer and enjoy writing fiction of all varieties.

So, unlike most reviewers who are novelists, I take the reader’s perception into consideration (just as literary critics would do) and unlike literary critics I also take the writer’s perception into consideration (just as writer’s would do). While considering both sides of the story, I also try and make these reviews interesting, unique and funny.


I hope you enjoy my blog.